lands projects

Who we are

We are a London based design group formed of three friends and architects working across art and architecture.

Lands projects was founded as a creative outlet to extend our interests in design and experimentation.

We are interested in making unique and imaginative spaces with carefully considered details, materials and construction techniques. 

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Figure + Field

An installation / experimental space that explores other possibilities of constructing and inhabiting space. Figure + Field is concerned with lightness and territories.

Four hundred and twenty-one linear metres of nylon rope is woven to restructure the gallery space. A series of connected loops form a grid of column-like geometries. The use of lightweight, minimal material creates lines and vectors that shift and reconfigure when moved through, defining intimate and ephemeral spaces. People were invited to explore and inhabit these spaces - a figure within the field.

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Unknown Pleasures

A winning competition entry and commission for a bench as part of pleasure gardens designed for London’s Royal Docks. Unknown Pleasures is the formation of a park bench that encompasses multiple types of inhabitation within its form. It merges various types of seating and the ergonomic form they offer to transform the generic park bench to allow for new types of experience. The structural frame is fabricated from timber and concrete. It forms a bespoke chassis to support folded metal panels which are stitched together with leather to give the unique form a tactile quality.

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71A Gallery

The refurbishment of an existing office space for creative agency; The Church of London. The brief was for a shop, lounge and gallery space to showcase what the creative agency does and influence the culture surrounding it’s work. Bespoke joinery elements are designed to create a sequence of spaces that are connected yet have a different feel to each. Timber is used to form a consistent language and detailed in different ways to emphasise the various uses and atmospheres.

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A timber framed system with overlapping joints. Structural cassettes are layered and connected to create a light and robust space frame that can be implemented in a variety of ways.